Innovative design, latest technology, materials and manufacturing processes deliver technically superior components that deliver the ultimate performance that our consumers demand at a competitive price.

Our history in the sport and innovation in design and manufacturing is important to us. We’re proud that we constantly invest in our products and range to ensure that we provide the best components for our enthusiastic customers and it is this investment that has ensured we stay ahead of others developing industry leading components that you, our customers, demand. We invest heavily in research and development, using the very latest cutting edge technologies to develop and deliver you the best products possible, including:


BB30 is LIGHTER: By eliminating the BB cups and using an aluminum spindle, the weight of the crank and BB assembly can be reduced by up to 12%.

BB30 is NARROWER: With the bearings inside the BB shell, the crankset can be made narrower in this critical area,  increasing ankle clearance.

BB30 is STIFFER: Confirmed by new EFBe testing, the BB30 design increases the stiffness of the crankset.

BB30 is MORE DURABLE: BB30 bearings are significantly larger than those used in other systems, resulting in longer bearing life. Increasing the inner diameter of the bottom bracket shell by 23% (from ~35mm to ~42mm) enables the use of aluminum alloy as spindle material, saving up to 110g. New bearing size shows a better ratio between race and balls diameter, improving smoothness and bearing life.

Ergonomically, BB30 cranks offer lower U-factor, permitting improved crank curvature for more ankle clearance and a better ride.


Refers to FSA’s steel spindle, 2-piece crankset design. The steel spindle is integrated in to the drive-side arm. External bearing cups are threaded in to the frame’s bottom bracket shell.

MegaExo cranksets are compatible with 68, 73, and 83 mm English threaded bottom brackets for mountain bike, and 68 mm English and 70 mm Italian bottom brackets for road bike.


Fully Adjustable Slider Technology allows up to 60mm of fully internal extension adjustment without cutting. Scale marking allows exact positioning of extensions including rotation to different angles. All cable routing is internal and shift cables exit out the back for clean air flow. Adjustment is accessible even with cables installed via the supplied F.A.S.T. tool.

Ceramic Revolution

FSA is widely credited with introducing ceramic bearings to the wider bicycle world. 

In just six short years, their adoption by elite racers is overwhelming. For example, in the 2004 Games in Athens, only one athlete rode them.
By the 2008 Beijing Games, more than 100 athletes rode on ceramic bearings.

In the meantime, FSA has gone further than anyone to make ceramic standard equipment on its upper end, K-Force components. We use them in hubs, bottom brackets, headsets, and derailleur pulleys. No one has greater experience with ceramics in the market or in the peloton, so you can continue to put your trust in bearings by FSA. 

Hollow Carbon

Full Speed Ahead uses a unique air bladder molding technology for all K-Force and SL-K cranksets, yielding a hollow crank arm and spider with an I-beam down the length of the arm. FSA’s hollow cranksets are true monocoque structures delivering great strength and light weight.


Carbon Structural Integration is a fusion of carbon fiber and aluminum. Once an aluminum component is wrapped in carbon fiber, the fiber becomes an integral part of the structure and increases the overall stiffness of the component.

Shimano Compatible

Vision wheels can be purchased with Shimano compatible freehub

Campagnolo Compatible

Vision wheels can be purchased with Campagnolo compatible freehub

Low Drag Construction

All the wheel components are specifically designed to reduce drag. This allows riders to achieve maximum speed with minimum pedaling effort. Reduced distance between the hub flanges, aero spokes and special rim profiles are the key points.


One of the reasons why wheels come out of true is due spoke nipples getting loose. Nipple ABS has special self-locking nipples to prevent spokes from loosening, assuring wheel trueness and the highest reliability.

 * Nipple ABS is a patented system of Alpina Raggi S.p.A)