12 Juni 2023

Life behind Metron bars: Vision’s top level carbon range for Road and Triathlon

A thunderous applause and a roar of triumph fill the air as Jonas Vingegaard, from the exceptional Team Jumbo-Visma, emerges as the undisputed winner of the 2023 Critérium du Dauphiné. His extraordinary victory is a testament to his skill, determination, and the exceptional form he is demonstrating in preparation for the upcoming 2023 Tour de France. 

One of the secret weapons that contributed to Vingegaard's success is the Vision Metron 5D ACR 3K product. This handlebar, crafted with high-quality 3K carbon fiber, offers a perfect combination of lightness, stiffness, and aerodynamics. Its ergonomic shape allows for a comfortable and secure grip, enabling the cyclist to maintain control over any type of terrain. The Vision Metron 5D ACR 3K is available in various sizes (with corresponding weights): 

• 355 g (L100×W400mm) 

• 363 g (L110×W420mm) 

• 368 g (L120×W420mm) 

• 380 g (L130×W440mm) 

Additionally, another key component of success was the Metron TFE PRO P5 product. These cutting-edge extensions were specifically designed to maximize speed and aerodynamic efficiency. With its rim-to-rim profile, the Metron TFE PRO P5 provides a significant reduction in air resistance, allowing Vingegaard to push his performance to the limit. 

• Length: 291 (Small), 309 (Medium), 327 mm (Large) 

• Weight: 380 grams (pair - 291 mm) 

Vision is extremely proud to collaborate with Team Jumbo-Visma in developing products for the entire 2023 season. Their commitment to excellence and constant pursuit of innovation has led to advanced technological solutions like the Metron 5D ACR 3K and Metron TFE PRO P5, which played a crucial role in Jonas Vingegaard's victory at the 2023 Critérium du Dauphiné. With the confidence and determination displayed thus far, Team Jumbo-Visma now prepares for the Tour de France, promising an epic battle for success on the French roads.