26 Feb 2020

“Vision” days

At the beginning of July 2019, I participate in the Eurobike Media Days with the bicilive.it staff, the online cycling magazine for which I started working a few months earlier as a journalist and tester for the road and triathlon sectors. Three days of full immersion at Kronplatz to test the 2020 novelties of the cycling market among the fabulous Dolomite landscapes.
I go around the stands of the various companies with the happiness and enthusiasm of a child in a toy store. There is an embarrassment of choice, but while wandering around the fair I am immediately struck by the Titici road bike, a jewel with racing lines and aggressive graphics, made even more appealing by the aerodynamic handlebar and the carbon wheels at high profile branded Vision. I don't think about it for more than five minutes! I warm up by pedalling in agility for a few minutes heading towards the flat roads of the valley where I can finally open the gas. The first thing that strikes my attention is the extreme fluidity that this bicycle offers, thanks to the very high-quality frame with aerodynamic lines, but above all thanks to the smoothness of the wheels with which it is equipped. 

Disc brakes are a guarantee of safety and do not disappoint expectations in the continuous braking between the hairpin bends. In my heart, I am a little frightened by the narrower hairpin bends that I will have to face, where the 55mm profile of the Metron, especially the front, could play against the driveability of the bike, especially in the presence of side wind. The showdown comes in no time, and with great surprise, I realize how easy driving downhill between the steep and winding hairpin turns is much easier than I had imagined; in 30 'return to the base.
Soon it is time to go home, immersing yourself again in the daily routine of work and long training sessions in preparation for the end of season Triathlon competitions. Competitions in which I will have two new allies, the result of an important collaboration. On a common day in early September, I am at home working on the programming of my athletes when I hear the courier ringing the door. I pick up a bulky parcel, a box with Vision written in plain sight. I hardly believe it! In no time I open the package with the joy and euphoria of a child on Christmas day: these are my new Vision Metron carbon wheels! Profile 55mm for the front and 81mm for the rear: all I have to do is mount the tubular, the special brake cleats for carbon and prepare for the "battle" on the race fields.

  • 2019 Eurobike Media Days.
  • Luca Gargiulo with Metron wheels.
  • Luca Gargiulo during a triathlon race with Metron wheels.