16 nov 2022


Busnago, 15th of November

After the announcement of his retirement, officially arrived few weeks ago, rumors about Sonny’s future were chasing each other. Today in the FSA offices we had the opportunity to discover with him what new adventures of this great champion will live.
The conference is led by Davide Cassani, C.T. of the Italian National team with Sonny, and together they wrote unforgettable pages of cycling, from the Italian championship to Roubaix. A friendship, in addition to cycling, which makes Davide the most suitable person to accompany Sonny even once he gets off his bike.
Next to them, there was also Claudio Marra, and Vladimir Miholjevic, Team Manager of Bahrain Victorious, whose emotion is the same as every member of the team.
The team that led Sonny towards his most important successes, but which certainly doesn’t abandon the champion, who will now have a “behind the scenes” role in the Team, he will have the opportunity, not only as he has already done several times to motivate his teammates, but also to closely follow the youth teams connected to the Bahrain Victorious, to scout new talents and pass his experience to the new generations of champions. This path will certainly see him linked to the team at least until 2024.
Always speaking about new talents, Sonny’s dream has always been to build a project based on young rider, because if it is true that it is necessary, at a national level, to make teens fall in love with cycling again, to also find the talents of tomorrow, it is also necessary to create a safe place where kids can train safely, not just on the road. 
But there are not only races in this new phase of the life of the champion. The restyling of the logo is a clear signal that there is a strong interest on becoming part of the cycling industry in a different way.
The logo – explains Jonny Mole, head of the agency that followed its development – keeps the Cobra, Sonny’s distinctive symbol, clearly visible, but which is now more aggressive. The abbreviation S.C. leaves space for the name written in full, to let become the logo a real trademark of the products that will be launched in the future.
First of all, the bicycle, of which Dario Acquaroli, former MTB world champion, now in the Merida Italia staff, anticipates some details. Thanks to their support, in fact, Sonny is creating totally personalized graphics, assisted by Jonny Mole, for a limited numberlimited edition of Merida Reacto in Team Replica setup. Initially planned for 71 quantities, like the number of the Roubaix edition won by Colbrelli. A short teaser was launched during the event, but we have to wait some time to see the filal result.
Merida Europe too – in the person of Andreas Rottler and Wolfgang Renner – was keen to be present to thank Sonny and be by his side at a turning point in his career. In fact Colbrelli, from the beginning of his journey in the World Tour, has remained close to Merida, and with their bikes he has conquered all his most important successes. The future will certainly be marked by old collaborations, from Merida to the Team and also from FSA. A company that has always believed in the ability of the champion from Brescia and that has built a fruitful collaboration with him, also in the development of new products, an activity that he will certainly continue with great dedication.