29 Jul 2020

Ø27.2 Dropper seatposts for Gravel and XC bikes

Are you riding off-road but on a nimble XC or Gravel bike? If so, you are in the right place. Today we are going to talk about the advantages of a dropper seatpost on 27.2mm seat tube frames as well as any types of bikes that offer those unique frame dimensions.

FSA Flowtron dropper seatpost

Should you embrace a dropper seatpost for XC racing?
Dropper posts have become commonplace on Trail and Down Country bikes over the last few years, and for Enduro racing they are unquestionably a vital piece of equipment, if not an outright necessary component on any race worthy bike. But do you need one on a XC bike?
Having the ability to drop the saddle out of the way on a descent ensures riders have the maximum level of control possible with their bike. That becomes especially useful when things get rowdy and the need to throw the bike around to manoeuvre on those tight and rough trails is a necessity. 
For this reason, besides the 31.6mm and the 30.9mm diameter versions, FSA has created the Flowtron dropper seatpost in a new 27.2mm diameter – specifically targeted to fit the latest generation of XC and Gravel bike frames! The Flowtron XC is designed with an integrated post head and post to achieve 100mm of travel. The ergonomic shifter style remote-control lever is mounted to the handlebar with ease. Lastly, the adjustable spring tension allows the rider to customize the lever feel and actuation force. 


FSA Flowtron AGX dropper seatpost


If you are exploring gravel roads and paths to see where they can take you, the need for a dropper seatpost becomes immediately evident.
Even gravel and cyclocross riders are embracing the added control of using a dropper post, where being able to quickly switch from grinding uphill to attacking a descent is essential, and the increased handling is an obvious need.
The Flowtron AGX is designed with an integrated head and has 100mm of travel, the most versatile amount for gravel riding. In the most extreme gravel use, such as steep descents, the dropper post allows you to lower your center of gravity, creating a more balanced position. By design it allows the saddle to be dropped down and out of the way when you are approaching and riding steeper and rougher trails, allowing you to adjust your body weight on the bike to stay both centered and in control. 


FSA Flowtron AGX dropper seatpost

The trick to creating a gravel bike dropper is a comfortable, easy-to-use remote.
The Flowtron AGX ergonomic remote-control lever is connected onto the handlebar with ease.  It’s installed with a lock-on grip collar under the bar placing it next to your left thumb for quick and easy actuation, allowing riders to make quick adjustments to the post height while at speed.

  • Flowtron remote-control lever
  • Flowtron dropper seatpost
  • Flowtron dropper seatpost