25 Oct 2019


Of friend Josh Wilson started his Youtube channel Daily MTB Rider back in October 2017 with one mission - to make fun and engaging mountain bike videos that would get people stoked on riding their bike!
The goal of the channel has stayed the same since day one - to create videos that get people to get out and "Ride Your Bike, Every Day". Here his own letter to his hardtrail.

Dear Hardtail,

I know what your thinking... I’m just writing so that I keep showing you off to my friends and impress people with our connection. I’m not going to lie, that’s exactly what I’m doing, but can you blame me? I mean you can’t deny how good you look, how you stand out in a crowd, that most people wonder how we got together, and that you make me look far better as a rider than a regular trail bike could. And I know I’ve expressed concern in the past about taking you down the rowdier trails, but I’ve come to see you don’t just handle your own, but you help us both shine. So I’ll make you a deal…. You keep making me look good and I’ll keep riding you as much as a can. We’ll travel the world, splash in puddles together, and maybe for our second anniversary we’ll go to the place we fell in love… crabapple hits. That is, only if you want to. All that to say, I’m so happy to have you in my life and while I’m a little shallow for always commenting on your lack of a rear-end, I know you still love me anyway.

Love your favourite rider,
Josh Wilson