7 Jan 2019


A fully integrated Aerodynamic Cable Routing solution that routes all cables, wires and hoses internally is coming soon!

This innovative patent-pending system is unique to VISION and is a combination of our knowledge bases in both headset and cockpit development and manufacturing plus our history in aerodynamic development and design. The result is a clean, integrated and aerodynamic cable routing solution for frame and bicycle brands.

The core of the system is built around our headset and integrated cockpit (or stems) that easily allows brands a “plug-in” solution for clean and simple cable routing for their frames. By using standard headset dimensions, the system maintains frame strength and, by routing cables through the headset, it also safely preserves a round steering column that is free of drilling. Additionally, brands have the flexibility to utilize a single frame design at a variety of spec levels simply by adjusting cockpit and headset selection.

Find out more in the video below AND STAY TUNED!