14 Jul 2019

The Tourist, Simon Clarke's diary, Ep.7

The team’s plan today was to go into the breakway. Obviously when we weren’t present in the break, we had to change the plan. That involved chasing the breakaway back and trying to race for the stage from the bunch. 

We started chasing with maybe 60 kilometers to go. To win the stage from the bunch, we had to chase the breakaway. It was all going to plan until Woods crashed one kilometer before the last climb, which was really unfortunate given all the we effort we put in. At least we made things really hard for the bunch by pulling so hard, so there will be some tired legs tomorrow, and Rigo was able to save a lot of energy today due to our tactics.



  • Simon Clarke (ph. Gruber)
  • Rigo and Bettiol (ph. Gruber)
  • Simon Clarke (ph. Gruber)