27 Jun 2019

TriMax 30 Disc: a special story in the Gulf of Naples

The point of view of a blog is always particular, confidential, different. It speaks to you directly, like a friend.

Over the next period, the Italian blogger Fabio Sergio revealed a special test with the Vision Trimax 30 Disc in a straordinary place: the Gulf of Naples. Let's dive with us into this wonderful journey, discovering what happened in this special review.


I started wheel testing late this year, but I wanted to test the Vision Trimax 30 Disc wheels. These wheels are versatile, robust, high quality-price ratio, tubeless compatible, require simple maintenance, comfortable, suitable for the road and gravel and pleasing to the eye. Vision is a global giant in the production of components for cycling and from time I have not missed the opportunity test out their products and put them to the test.

How are they made?
I will immediately tell you the weight: 1590 grams in the thru axle configuration and 1600 grams if you choose for QR mounting. Separately, they are 720 grams for the front wheel and 880 grams for the rear.
It is a remarkable value for several reasons; they are wheels with aluminium rims, for disc brakes (which always weigh down the hub) and with the right number of spokes. The wheels are priced at 549 euros ($498.99) and includes a rich set of accessories. It is important to expose the cost immediately because in this price range, which is very tight, it is difficult to find lighter wheels. It is easy to say there are lighter wheels on the market, which is true, but they cost five times as much. With that said, there are also much heavier wheels on the market that cost four times as much...

Starting from the rim, which first has value towards the overall lightness. They are aluminium rims with a 28mm effective height. They take advantage of the exclusive Inter spoke milling which basically means the route between one spoke and the other is carefully milled, lightening the overall structure without causing less rigidity and stiffness.


The Test
The fundamental rule of every test that can aspire to be useful is to isolate the component.

Road test
The wheels take you up, accompanies you and thanks to its solidity, allows you to preserve the pace without having any of your energy go to waste. They offer great driving precision and their aerodynamics allow them cut through the air with ease and keep them stable. 

The Trimax 30 Disc allows for nice handling on fast descents, which gives the rider a comfortable feeling. The wheels can be complimented with quality tires to help it become a fearsome weapon of speed. They don't sway, they don't "piston" in the ready raises out of the tight curves dirtying the action and they have precise turning. All of this means you will be able to safety ride while the only thought is the looking for the best trajectory on the road.

Off-road test
They are not specifically MTB wheels, so we excluded their typical routes. They are more for CX and Gravel riding and if in the first case I could only simulate, in the second I rode all-out. The excellent smoothness of the hubs loses importance when riding through rough paths. A sturdy rim is needed to counteract the forces applied and those sent back from the ground. During the road test, I wondered to myself if these wheels have too many spokes (24 ahead and 28 behind)? An overtly sporty wheel uses less spokes, but the Vision Trimax 30 Disc are not.

Vision made a perfect choice when designing these wheels and the amount of spokes they have. I was especially impressed with the rear wheels and the spokes-pull was amazing. Almost certainly if the radius had been different, I would have had a wheel a bit more sporty, but not so effective in every situation.

The conclusions
The Trimax 30 Disc wheels go very well on light road or gravel off-road bikes. They are sturdy, comfortable, precise in driving and are available in tubeless ready rims capable of accommodating large section tires. What more could you ask for? Furthermore, there isn’t any compatibility problems with frames either. Whether it's a QR or TA frame of 12 or 15, everything you need to mount them is included in the price.
6-Bolts or Centerlock? Available with both standards.
Complex maintenance? No.

Spare parts are all available and easily accessible by downloading the exploded view of the wheels from the official website and from there extract the codes.
The only element that has suffered any damage during this long and expensive test were surface scratches, but it would have been difficult to avoid them. Although, I recognize they are a little weak in the finish.
I have to admit that, after so much slamming, I only had a scratched sticker. Always consider the excellent price which translates into an excellent quality-price ratio.
I write these notes with the wheels still here, in front of me. Removed from the bike, clean and ready to be closed in the box and returned to the company. I still have the satisfaction of having known them, the fun shared together and the satisfaction by making the right choice in selecting them.

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