3 Sep 2018

How to prepare an IM in 3 Weeks - W3

Its T- minus 5 days till race day. It has been a long journey of some cold swim/cycle and run sessions to get to this point.


A final tune-up run and cycle session with full race set-up ( race wheels/aero pockets and nutrition) was done today. The body is feeling good and ready to rock the WORLD 70.3 CHAMPIONSHIPS come this Sunday. There is still some packing to be done - travelling with a bike is not easy as some of you will know. The life of a triathlete-cyclist sounds glamorous but the fly-with-bike is the not so pleasant side of the sport. I have to make sure I pack the bike well and ensure the wheels are well taken care of inside the bike bag. Without them working 1000%, my race will not happen on Sunday. The run and swim sections we can get by with but the bike discipline we rely on the best equipment to take us across that 90km stretch of road - that is non-negotiable when you do a race of this nature. The bike and race wheels have to be looked after and double checked. We will have 1 final "warm-up"

ride at the race venue on the Friday just to make sure gears are working/tyres are pumped and the bike is ready. Then a good night's sleep Friday and a bit of nerves on Saturday with race day coming up on Sunday for the men. 4500 athletes - plenty of adrenaline and energy - this is going to be fun.