5 Mar 2018

Ironman NZ - 1st and 3rd for Vision Triathletes

Terenzo Bozzone – 1st Place

“Ironman New Zealand – What a day!”
“It was my 10th time toeing the start line down here in Taupo and I was very excited for the race. I had clear objectives of what I wanted to achieve out there, but the main excitement came from my brother Dino tackling his first Ironman.  All the pre-race talk was about him and his race and my race preparation was secondary.”
“After a long 7-week off-season at the end of the 2017, I finally got back into training in the middle of January and with the short build up in to this race I wasn’t so sure what to expect out there. Tackling a race where I’ve had 10 years of experiences ‘not winning’ I had learned a lot and entered with a lot more patience.”
“The swim felt terrible, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I was so near my limit that poor Guy Crawford’s feet are probably cut up from me swimming so close to him for the entire 3.8km trying not to fall off the pace. Onto the bike, slowly my body warmed up and my legs began to feel strong. We had the largest group ever in this race and soon all the big hitters had bridged across including Cam Brown and Joe Skipper, who I was not so keen to start the marathon with.”
“By the start of lap 2, a small group of four had broken away and we were working well. With 40km to go it was just Skipper and myself at the front pushing to grow the gap on the chasers. In the final 1km my race almost took a turn for the worse when a car turned and cut me off. I must say I was pretty impressed with my bike handling to swerve, slow down enough and save my race and a bad accident. All that training on Auckland roads was paying off!”
“Heading out into the marathon my legs felt good… I tested to see where Joe Skipper’s legs were by running the first couple km’s pretty quick. My lead started to extent quickly, but with this being Ironman who knew what awaited me around the next corner. I absorbed all the energy I could from the crowds, the spectators, the volunteers and the other athletes on the course. Alternating water and SOS at one aide station and Water and a Clif Shot at the next helped keep the energy up and stay hydrated. Heading into lap 3 (the last 14km) of the run I was using the rabbits up the road on their first lap to keep my head in the game. The closest was Dino… with his prescribed race plan of running 5minutes per kilometer I was going to catch him in no time. I think he had more interest in holding me off as long as he could, as the closing of the gap took a lot longer than anticipated. It was an amazing feeling running along side him for a kilometer as he was killing it out there. I gave him a few pointers and he gave me a second wind to get home in a new course record of 7:59:57. 5 minutes in front of Skipper and another couple in front of race legend Cameron Brown.”
“It felt so sweet to break the tape for the first time here at Ironman NZ and having Dino go 10hr23minutes was the icing on the cake. Hopefully he has caught the bug and we will see him at a few more races…”
“I’m off to Argentina later in the week for Bariloche 70.3 then up to Campeche 70.3 in Mexico before taking a few weeks down time.”

Cameron Brown – 3rd Place

“Hello from sunny Taupo!”

“Wow, what a day for records at Ironman New Zealand. Weather conditions were ideal for the 20th anniversary of Ironman New Zealand in Taupo. I lined up for my 20th race here in Taupo dating back from 1999, my record so far from my 19 appearance had been 19 times on the podium with 12 wins, 5 x 2nds and 2x 3rd place and I wanted to be up there again. My training leading into the race had been great and I knew I was in good shape.”

“Lake Taupo was calm, clear and warm at 21°C. I had a pretty good swim to be 2mins down on the lead pack with the swimming fish, Dylan McNeice, 5mins in front. Onto the bike the weather could not had been any better with no wind at all. I was riding with Lachie Kerin and Joe Skipper and we were flying early on catching the 2min lead to the front group at the 45km mark of which we then caught Dylan around the 70km mark. I was feeling great and settling into my pace when a small gap opened up with Terenzo, Joe Skipper and Mike Phillips making a 200m gap on the rest of the group. Before I knew it, they were up the road and I chased, but it was too late! A small error on my behalf was about to cost me in the end! The gap continued to grow and by the time we reached T2 they had 9:30mins!”

“I was still hopeful I could make inroads into their lead, but Terenzo was running exceptionally well. The run course in Taupo is tough with rolling hills throughout the entire 3 x 14km loops. I managed to gain a small amount of time back even though I was running at record pace. I moved into 3rd place at the 21km mark passing Mike Phillips and was now on the charge to catch Joe Skipper, but he still had a 5min lead with 14km remaining. In the end I ran out of kilometres to catch Joe finishing 1:37min behind him and 7:15min to Terenzo. I broke my own course record from 2016 by 49seconds, but so did the boys in front. I also ran my quickest ever marathon running a 2:41:55 at 45yrs of age so I can't complain to much as I'm still getting quicker.”

“My legs and body are pretty smashed today, but that's to be expected after such a tough race yesterday. I'll have a short break over the next week, any more and I'll get injured! I'm looking forward to my next race and seeing what I can do this year with some new races planned and some old ones as well.”


Ironman New Zealand
Taupo, New Zealand
March 3, 2018
S 2.4 mi. / B 112 mi. / R 26.2 mi.

1. Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) 7:59:57 S 49:11 T1 3:03 B 4:22:06 T2 1:23 R 2:44:17
2. Joe Skipper (GBR) 8:05:33 S 51:48 T1 3:23 B 4:19:14 T2 1:23 R 2:49:47
3. Cameron Brown (NZL) 8:07:10 S 51:35 T1 3:05 B 4:28:58 T2 1:39 R 2:41:56
4. Jan Van Berkel (SUI) 8:10:28 S 49:06 T1 2:59 B 4:31:28 T2 1:26 R 2:45:30
5. Mike Phillips (NZL) 8:13:48 S 49:03 T1 1:32 B 4:27:41 T2 1:32 R 2:52:43

1. Laura Siddall (GBR) 9:00:45 S 55:32 T1 3:26 B 4:54:19 T2 1:18 R 3:06:12
2. Teresa Adam (NZL) 9:05:36 S 49:33 T1 3:40 B 5:01:14 T2 1:36 R 3:09:35
3. Jocelyn McCauley (USA) 9:12:52 S 53:00 T1 3:24 B 4:57:03 T2 1:43 R 3:17:44
4. Alise Selsmark (AUS) 9:42:59 S 53:02 T1 3:27 B 5:21:30 T2 2:47 R 3:22:15
5. Indy Kraal (NZL) 9:44:27 S 55:26 T1 3:28 B 5:12:09 T2 1:43 R 3:31:43