17 Nov 2017


The rise of disc brakes on road wheels has been one of the greatest shifts in recent cycling history. Wheels like Vision’s Metron 55 SL Disc , in clincher and tubular carnations, are impressive and modulate braking power beautifully. But those who feel caliper brakes and respective wheelsets are rolling into an early grave are mistaken – as highlighted by Vision’s 2018 update to the already highly acclaimed Metron 30 SL wheelset.

Increase area, reduce speed

These aerodynamic, lightweight wheels scythe through the air like Vision-riding Cofidis sprinter Nacer Bouhanni cuts through his competition, but it’s the stopping power that’ll pay off this winter. Core to the Metron 30 SLs is the laser-etched micro-dot brake surface texture that dramatically improves braking; achieving unrivalled caliper stopping power by increasing surface for the brake pad to catch on, which increases friction, decreases speed and keeps you safely in control.

The 30mm rim offers an aerodynamic advantage, but not at the cost of weight – the strong, vibration-damping carbon wheelset weighs 1.25kg for the tubular version and, incredibly, just 1.33kg for its clincher sibling, while quality is at WorldTour level – every set of Metron 30 SLs is handmade.

Metron 30 SLs also benefit from Vision’s PRA system, which stands for Pre-loaded Reduction Assembly. This is an industry-lauded Vision advancement that melds innovation and practicality.The PRA is a threaded collar that allows bearing preload to be adjusted with the wheel in place via a 2mm Allen key. This prevents overloading of the bearings to increase lifespan, as well as ensuring smooth rotation.

It also comes tubeless ready, meaning the Metron 30 SLs can be used both with and without an inner tube. That’s down to the rim being designed so that they directly seal to the respective tire. When going tubeless you can lower tire pressure without sacrificing speed, while filling with sealant aids puncture protection.

Tips for riding in the wet

To get the best from Vision’s new Metron 30 SL wheels you’ll want top riding skills in rainy conditions, so we’ve put together some tips:

●     Despite the extra stopping power presented by the Metron 30 SLs, we’d still recommend increasing braking time. The most proficient way to judge this is to gently tap the brakes at the start of a ride to see how long it takes you to slow down.

●     Emulate the professionals like Vision riders Danny van Poppel (signed to LottoNL-Jumbo for 2018-onwards) and Cannondale-Drapac’s Pierre Rolland, and slightly decrease tire pressure in the wet. Dropping your tire pressures by around 5-10psi (0.3-0.6 bar) will be enough to increase contact area and improve traction on slippery roads.

●     Speaking of slippery roads, avoid lines – white and yellow – at all costs. When the rain falls, they turn into hazards; the same is true for manhole covers.

●     It’s better to be safe than sorry when it’s wet so ease off on the lean when heading through corners. You should also keep looking ahead and even push down slightly on your outside leg, just to add a little more force and grip.

These pointers, alongside our guide to riding in the wind, bolstered by the incredible rim-braking power of your new Metron 30 SLs will see you ride into 2018 fitter, stronger and leaner than ever before.