15 Jan 2018

Your next cyclocross race

Your next cyclocross race may be close or far away, but the training season is ever present. Choose your components wisely for the wet and icey races to come. Put our components to the test, and put your focus on the trail and on the pain.

First choice of the great cyclocross racers when it comes to speed is wheels. It’s the component that suffers the most. The Vision Metron 40 SL Disc can handle the torment your wheels will get from the frozen earth and spit out speed. Available in Tubular or 24.8mm width clincher, welcome to your familiy’s new additon.

The integration of components is important too, expecially handlebar fit. Full Speed Ahead suggests K-Force Compact Full Carbon, a balance of weight, stiffness and vibration dampening for great overall performance. Moreover, a textured finish and additional reinforcement in clamping area to avoid slipping during use.

Due to the lesser speeds achieved by cyclocross riders, a 1X drivetrain is becoming the choice of many seasoned riders. The SL-K Light ABS 386EVO equipted with our 1X Megatooth chainring is a light and strong option for the avid cyclocross rider.

Finally, K-Force SB25 with a forged alloy top clamp, gives a secure saddle mounting at a very low weight. Reliability guaranteed, it is a light but comfortable way to absorb those pesky bumps.