19 Feb 2019

Marco Aurelio Fontana debuts in the E-bike world with FSA!

Marco Aurelio Fontana has flown the Italian flag worldwide in MTB for many years but is now ready for a new adventure in the E-bike world. We are happy to announce that Marco has chosen Full Speed Ahead as an official supplier to support his new exploit in E-bike.

Creating something new, interesting, stimulating and engaging has always been Marco’s dream, and now it can come true. A dream described and formulated by the five letters of “E-BIKE” into five words:

“The shock is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind when I think of electrifying! That's what I felt when I decided to get on track and commit my efforts towards this new project and it's definitely... electric.”

“It brings those who have never tried it to the bike and educates the people who come close. It also gives new riders a chance to ride with me on some occasions. Sharing is everything!”

“The main focus is to be forward facing and a leader to create, communicate and send my message. Other athletes have done things that are very similar, but few have initiated their own project and have had the guts to ‘dare’, especially in the E-bike field.”

“Fun is key. I want to ride my bike, I want to have fun and I want to experience strong feelings. If I can manage to do all of these thing, I can progress onto the next moment: transmitting them. The key elements are all here and electric bikes provide an important opportunity and a new way of discovering and interpreting the bike. The utmost importance is to have fun without thinking too much about the rest, and all in all... just ride!”

“This is a crucial step. For me the bike is also (and above all) style, elegance and refinement both in the components and in the look. Like many other riders, I'm a lover of style!”

Marco will certainly be at the start of the next E-bike World Series as well as other circuits around the world. His goal will be to become a reference point for a world in constant growth; the world of E-bike.

Marco will ride on a customize Focus Jam 2 bike, equipped with the following FSA products:
-Handlebar: Grid
-Stem: Grid + Gradient
-Seatpost: Flowtron
-Wheelset: Gradient Wider 29”

My Vision: the new E-bike project by Marco Aurelio Fontana.

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