24 Nov 2020


Are looking for some special Gravel parts for your bike this Christmas? Our Flowtron AGX Ø27.2 dropper seatpost and K-Wing AGX handlebar could be the right upgrade for your Gravel bike.


You got it right! If you are exploring gravel roads and paths to see where they can take you, the need for a dropper seatpost becomes immediately evident.
Even gravel and cyclocross riders are embracing the added control of using a dropper post, where being able to quickly switch from grinding uphill to attacking a descent is essential, and the increased handling is an obvious need.
The Flowtron AGX is designed with an integrated head and has 100mm of travel; the most versatile amount for gravel riding. In the most extreme gravel use, such as steep descents, the dropper post allows you to lower your center of gravity, creating a more balanced position. By design it allows the saddle to be dropped down and out of the way when you are approaching and riding steeper and rougher trails, allowing you to adjust your body weight on the bike to stay both centered and in control.
The Flowtron AGX ergonomic remote-control lever is installed onto the handlebar with ease.  It’s secured with a lock-on grip collar under the bar placing it next to your left thumb for quick and easy actuation, allowing riders to make quick adjustments to the post height while at speed.
Suggested retail price: 249.99 Euro / $249.99USD



Our FSA K-Wing AGX carbon bar is a very lightweight handlebar which will allow you to ride many miles in comfort while at the same time as adding a certain “bling” factor to the front end of your bike.
This bar features sculpted contact points for the "hoods" and "drops" on the bar for improved ergonomics. The compact design also makes for increased comfort while in the drops.
Additionally, the flared drops allow for better control and clearance when descending and the extra wide internal cable grooves are compatible with Shimano Di2 shifting groups. The bar also has reinforced textured clamping areas and a 115 mm drop with 76 mm reach. 
Comfort is the utmost importance in gravel riding and this handlebar by FSA offers a more natural position that will appeal to riders who want to get into the drops more.
An important news, we have extended the range with the new sizes of 460mm and 480mm. This solution is due to the feedback of our customers: on Gravel roads, in particular on rough terrains, you put your hands on the lower side of the handlebar opening your arms to improve your stability and grip.
If you are looking for a great set of handlebars in all conditions for your gravel bike, look no further than the K-Wing AGX!
Suggested retail price: 299.00 Euo /$298.99 USD


  • Flowtron AGX
  • Flowtron AGX and KFX crankset
  • K-Wing AGX Handlebar