8 Nov 2019


Our friend Raymond George has always ridden bikes just like commuting with his family and stuff and he got into skateboarding for a few years and he had a little bike that he would just mess around on jumping and stuff. And then one day his friends took him riding, and he still remembers that first day that he went mountain biking. From that day he hasn't stopped to ride his mountain bike, so much that he decided to write a poetry to it.

Dear bikes,

We’ve been through so much together, yet you’ve always had my back
Through all my wild ups and downs, you were my prozac
No matter what it was, you never let me forget
What it means to love something with blood and sweat

You only made break one bone over all these years
You were the tool I needed to conquer my fears
I know I could take better care of you, I’m getting better
I’m trying to repay the debt by writing you this letter