14 May 2018


Five important wins of VISION sponsored triathletes over the last few days.

The Kiwi triathlete Terenzo Bozzone has confirmed his dominance winning in Australia the 4th IronMan of this year: IronMan Busselton.

Speaking about Australian triathlon, the experienced champion Cameron Brown won for the 2nd year in a row the 34th Miyakojima Strongman Triathlon, with a time of 7:52:06.

An home triumph also for the Italian triathletes Giulio Molinari and Alessandro Degasperi, who won respectively Riccione Challenge with a final time of 4h00’58” and Candia Triathlon.

Home win for the Portuguese triathlete Pedro Gomes too, who arrived 1st at swimrun Portugal.

Other two VISION triathletes did great performances at IronMan Texas. Even though missing the podium of more or less 1 minutes, Michelle Versterby did a great performance, scoring 4th and defeating the Danish National Record with her 8:45:47. Scoring 3rd in men race,  Andrew Starykowicz rode for the first time in the history the Cycling distance under 4hs: 3h 54mins 59 secs, with a final time of 7h:50mins.