4 Aug 2017

Dylan Gleeson Wins Ironman Canada

Dream race in Whistler at Ironman Canada

“It was one of those days that you visualize in training over and over again. I was so pumped to take the win at Ironman Canada this past weekend! It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to win this race and to finish under the 9-hour mark on this very tough course.  It's hard to believe they both finally happened. With no Men's Pro race in Whistler this year, it opened up the opportunity for me to take the win now that I am racing as an Age Group athlete. I'm so happy that I was able to put it all together on the day.”

“I swam a 53:13 in my Roka Maverick Pro II wetsuit (which is a new PR for me) and I was placed me 9th coming out of the water.  Within 45 minutes on the bike, I took the race lead and carried it to T2.  I had the fastest bike split of the day on my Felt IA1 built up with Vision Metron wheels, components, and with some very nice CeramicSpeed upgrades.  I held my 11 minute lead on the run and took the win in 8:58:46. My run was 5th fastest on the day and no amateur has ever broken 9 hours on this course.  It was an amazing day for me and my whole team!!”

“It may be an individual sport, but it takes an entire team to get athletes successfully across the finish line. I’ve had incredible support from some amazing sponsors over the years and can’t thank you all enough for being such a big part of this.”

You can check out this blog post plus many more on Dylan's website HERE

  • Vision Metron Disc rear wheel, 81 SL front wheel, Metron crankset, Trimax Aerobars
  • Winning on the bike - Dylan Gleeson
  • A dream come true!