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Alvaro with Angel Madrazo (La Vuelta stage 5)

10 Sep 2019

Faces of La Vuelta: Burgos-Bh's press officer.

At only 23 years old, Alvaro Garcia is a journalist and the press officer of FSA sponsored team Burgos-BH. He has already lived an important work experience at Tour de France, while now he’s working at his first Vuelta a España as press officer. Alvaro comes from Madrid, the city where the Vuelta finishes Sunday, September 15th. Alvaro and FSA are hoping to celebrate Angel Madrazo’s win in KOM Jersey Overall. 

How many days are you away from home during a year?
Between 250 and 270 days each year. I do all under 23 races in Spain plus Tour of France and Vuelta a España.

Tell us your typical day at Vuelta a Espana.
I wake up early at 7 a.m. and go running for an hour. After a shower and a great breakfast, I go to my room to get my work ready. Some info about the stage in social media and many e-mails about interviews for riders. I drive to the start in the team convoy and make arrangements for radio and TV interviews there. I go to the signature control (sign-in) with the riders and take some pictures. During the race, I go to many different points and take pics of Burgos BH. Then at the finish I go to the podium with Madrazo (yes, daily hahaha) and go to the mix zone to do some interviews in TV and radio. After, we travel to the next hotel and I write my press release and edit pics for social media. We (staff) have dinner late and usually I do my other works till 1 a.m

How started your passion for cycling? And your passion for communication?
I used to watch La Vuelta with my grandparent when I was a child. Then I went to many stages with my mum in the Madrid area. Later, when I started to study journalism, I tried to get a job related to cycling and I became a press officer of an under 23 team in San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid). Step by step, I got the experience and a good knowledge about cycling that allowed me to climb to a professional team.

Which is the most particular day/moment you experienced in your career as press officer? Have you got any special stories?
Madrazo's win was very special. It was my first La Vuelta as press officer. I did four other Vuelta's as a photographer. I had the opportunity to go with him to the interviews, radio programs... Lot of work, but really enjoyed that moment. Stories? We went to the press conference and everyone was laughing because Madrazo says very funny things and made an enjoyable time for them.

Which is the most important satisfaction you had during your career?
I cannot say just one moment. My first Tour of France was very special, on the Champs Elysees in Paris with the podium and everyone cheering for the winners. I did a great job during the 25 days and I was very proud to get to the finish.

Which is your personal relationship with riders? Is there a special confidence?
Yes, I try to show them a very respectful attitude. Also, I listen to them and ask about their feelings or fitness not only when they get a good result but also when they don't have their best day. This way I have many friends now in the peloton. It’s very special when a rider that was in an amateur team becomes professional and thanks you for the media coverage you did in recent years.

How about Burgos BH? Something different about other teams?  
They are a very nice team. When I arrived there, it was not easy to get into them but now there's confidence between riders and myself, so we share very special moments. Professional cycling is more stressful, and you need to share and understand feelings. 

  • Alvaro with Madrazo (La Vuelta stage 5)
  • Alvaro with Madrazo (La Vuelta stage 5)
  • Alvaro with Madrazo (La Vuelta stage 5)