13 Dec 2019

Just between us: Milan Vader

Milan Vader is a Dutch XC biker, riding for FSA partners Team KMC-Ekoi-Orbea. In 2019 racing season he reached the third position at European CX Championship, behind two champions like Mathieu Van der Poel and his teammates Florian Vogel. He loves his Orbea Oiz more than anything else in the world. Didn't you believe him? Read the following letter to his bike. 


Sorry, sorry, sorry! 

Sweet bike. I didn't mean to let you down. I would never just give you to someone else! My buddy and I know each other well and we talk a lot about you. We always boast about how good you are, how beautiful you are and that you are the best in the whole world. So when we met up yesterday, we exchanged it for a little ride on the trails. It was just a moment, but I'm sorry I scared you. I understand that it's weird when someone else runs off with you! I would never cheat on you. Even though he knows how to treat you and is very careful with you I promise that I would never give you back to someone else. I'm sorry about the scratches on your seatpost. He's just a little bit smaller than me. To make up for it I'll get you a new seatpost. I know you love the K-Force one ;) I hope I can make it up to you.