15 Sep 2020

In the middle of the journey #6

In my opinion, the Tour de France represents a moment in which France can put on a grand spectacle for world. Afterall, it’s the third most important sporting event in the world after the Olympics Games and the FIFA World Cup.
However, France structures the event more as a means of display rather than a sporting competition, where they can showcase the beauty of their country to the world. The race itself is not the fundamental element, but so much more.

The Tour is broadcasted throughout the world by the media, where they usually have to get around in the hustle and bustle in the starting village of each stage. Despite the fact that they are experiencing a difficult period in France for Covid-19 this year, there was an agreement between ASO (the society that organizes of TDF, ed) and the French Ministry of Health to be able to move forward with the race. In theory, it is not possible to organize sporting events with more than 5 thousand people in France, but on both sides there is every interest to go ahead with the race. The riders, the team staff and the organization staff are well supervised of course.



  • Alberto Bettiol during Tour de France rest day (Ph. Gruber)
  • Tour de France Grand Depart (Ph. Getty)
  • The Tour de France