12 Mar 2019


Hydration during winter training is more important than in other seasons, in spite of the fact you feel less tired. In fact, the likelihood of dehydration is accelerated when you train in cold weather, in particular if you ride at higher altitudes. In these conditions, the air you breathe is drier, and your lungs have to work harder to humidify the air and warm it up. The harder your body works, the more you need to drink. Here are some tips to stay hydrated this winter during your training:

1) Hydrate with room-temperature beverages: Although many of us find a cold or iced drink more refreshing, warm or room temperature drinks are better because they keep our internal body temperature omptimal.

2) Match your drink to the duration of your activity: If you're exercising for up to 1 hour, you can rehydrate with water alone. However, after an hour, add electrolytes and carbohydrates. If you're doing a sport at higher altitudes, increase your fluid requirements.

3) Replace what you lose: Water exits the body through exhalation, perspiration and urination. If your urine is pale and plentiful, you're well-hydrated. If it's dark and scant in volume, you need to drink more liquids. Finally, connected to the winter hydration, you can reduce your body temperature and force your heart to work harder to maintain blood flow and body temperature wearing layers of clothing that will absorb perspiration.

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