22 Nov 2018

Christmas (High) Lights: AGX wheelset

Autumn off-road riding can be absolute bliss if you’re bundled up with the right wheelsetand can enjoy the sights of the season.

Off-road wheels are much more than over-engineered road bike wheels. They must deal with different amounts of stress than their road bike counterparts and be light enough for out-of-the corner accelerations, but tough enough to withstand a pounding from tree roots and rocks. These kinds of wheels are built for the demands of tough and fast off-road riding, but are also a great choice for touring, commuting and rough road club rides.

If disc brakes and low pressures are your forte, FSA offers the new AGX alloy rim wheelset for Gravel or CX riding. The 21.5mm internal width carbon rim is 25mm deep, available in both 29″ and 27.5″ sizes, and weighs around 1,740g per pair (29″ size).

You will be guaranteed a robust and durable ride with the AGX wheelset and a design to handle the impact.

GravelCX and disc brake pavement pounding are now all possible on one wheelset, and can help justify putting down more of your hard-earned money knowing the wheels could get year round use.

(FSA & VISION sponsored athlete Tom Pidcock during a Bunny Hop)

1- Shift your weight to the rear of your bike immediately before pulling up on your handlebars.
2- Don’t just lift the front wheel You should feel like you are pulling your handlebars backward as your weight moves back.
3- When the front wheel clears the obstacle, lift your heels up and move your weight back to the front of the bike.
4- Push downward against both the handlebars and pedals, which counterintuitively lifts up the rear Realize how hard this is to do on the first try, and practice with nonsolid barriers!
5- Realize how hard this is to do on the first try, and practice with nonsolid barriers!