18 Jul 2019

The Tourist, Simon Clarke's diary, Ep.9

The rest day went really well. We were able to forget about the stage before and enjoy a nice easy ride and a coffee together and spend the day relaxing. It was really nice. 
Today the race was nervous but it was not over the top. I think although the wind was in a painful direction, we all eventually realized there was little chance it was going to split up. 

With 35 kilometers to go there was quite a big crash. Unfrotunately we had Sebas, Woodsy and Alberto all involved, with Sebas being quite badly banged up. The three of them were mainly looking after Rigo for most of the day. I had been sitting back and waiting for the final, so I jumped straight into action and covered. Scully and I took over looking after Rigo in the final hour and the run-in to the sprint. It was nearly time we changed over anyway. That was the plan. One group would look after him early and another group for the final. It was unfortunate how it happened but it fit with our plan anyway, so it didn’t impact tactics too much.
The team plan hasn’t changed. We’re still really focused on getting the GC result possible with Rigo. There are so many mountains to climb before Paris. A minute here or there will seem insignificant by the time we reach Paris. We’re sticking to the plan. Rigo has our full support.