21 Sep 2018

Aloha Vision, road to Kona - Giulio Molinari

Born in April of 1988, Giulio Molinari is a 3-time long-distance Italian Champion and 2-time long distance European Champion in the sport of triathlon. He will be making his second appearance at the Ironman Kona World Championship coming up in October and he is ready to try and leave his mark.

For many years, Giulio has represented the Vision brand as the great Italian hope of long-distance racing, and in one month, he will try to improve upon his last performance in Kona when he finished in 28th place overall.

Giulio’s presentation:


Participations in KONA IM World Championship: 1

Best result in KONA IM: 28th place in 2017

Pro Debut year: 2014 at Cannes International Triathlon


IM personal best: 8h05'56"

Bike: Argon 18

Mantra: Go! Go! Go!  

Hometown: Novara, Italy

How did you decided to start competing in triathlon?

“I started by chance in 2002, when I was 14.I used to practice competitive swimming and during pre-swimming preparation, I also really enjoyed riding and cycling. Thus, I started doing some youth triathlon races and immediately I loved this new sport. At the beginning I did competitive swimming and occasionally some running and cycling training. Then when I finished high school, it all become more seriously. What started as a passion, I managed to make triathlon my career. I finished the youth categories and in 2014 I took the step towards medium distances (half-ironman) conquering 3 Italian titles and 2 European titles. In October 2016 I made my debut in an Ironman, in Arizona, with the aim of qualifying for Kona 2017. In October 2017, I had the opportunity to compete in my first KONA World Championship. Now I have my ticket for my 2nd KONA in hand and the rest will be history in 4 weeks.”

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