12 Jul 2018


Today we celebrate a story of passion and resolution.

Over the past few days, Vision triathlete and tester Amedeo Bonfanti competed in IM Klagenfurt in Austria, being his greatest exploit and concluding the 100th Ironman of his career. It all began in 1998 with Ironman Lanzarote, which was an unforgettable experience for him. Since then, Amedeo has built up his achievements step by step in parallel with the technological development of triathlon products. After ten years of competitions in IM circuit, Amedeo has reached an important level of experience, and his expertise and feedback help VISION to develop the next range of triathlon products.

Amedeo, how do you feel about your achievements?

I would not talk about my achievements, but rather loyalty and passion. These are two ingredients which without is difficult to achieve a goal, whether you race in triathlon competitively or as a hobby.


Did you ever think you would finish 100 Ironman races?

Honestly, I never thought that I would reach 100, but when I accomplished 80 races four years ago, I started to think about it more. I had planned to complete this goal in the IM Lanzarote this year because it is a special race for me. It would have been significant to finish my 100th IM there, but the dream vanished following the cancellation of the current competition, Elbaman 2017, due to a storm.


How do you feel about the VISION products that you use?

I have been using Vision products for several years and I can’t emphasize enough how great the products are, especially the solid construction of the wheels and how smoothly they roll. I am a fan of the aluminum clip-on extensions with which I had found an optimal aerodynamic position. This year I use the Trimax SI J-bend aerobar and I managed to establish the same feeling as the previous product.


Congratulations Amedeo! We wish you luck and look forward to many more IM’s together!