27 Sep 2016


On Saturday, Caroline Mani lined up for the main event of the weekend, the Iowa City World Cup. In front of a rowdy and enthusiastic crowd of 10,000 people, Mani pounded on the pedals around a course that afforded little rest to ride her way to second place behind US National Champion Katie Compton (Trek-Panache).   After suffering in the heat and muggy conditions for almost 40 minutes, Mani described her result in one word: “exquisite”.   “I’m happy, I’m stoked,” said Mani. “I didn’t win but second place is pretty good.”   “The course was insane between the running, the heavy, tacky mud, the climbing and the downhill,” Mani explained.  There was no rest. It was really hard.”

For the second half of the four lap race, Mani rode by herself in second chasing Compton while being chased by “little” Kaitie Antonneau. “I did all that I could to stay close to Katie, but she was really strong,” Mani said. “I really wanted to keep my second place because Antonneau was behind. On the last lap I just wanted to be done. Kaitie was trying hard. After what happened in Madison, I didn’t want to make a mistake again to lose second place.”

Although she was sandwiched between two Americans on the podium, the French National Champion was among friends.   “It was special today because Katie and Kaitie are good friends,” said Mani. “The three of us live in Colorado Springs, so it was a full Colorado Springs podium. We’ve never been on the podium together, but we’ve always said it would be cool. And we did it in America, so it’s unique and special.”