14 Feb 2019

The Iron Mom: a Day With Michelle Vesterby

Hi, I’m Michelle Vesterby, Vision pro triathlete and 7-time Kona Ironman participant. During my preparation for the latest Ironman World Championships, I received a big surprise that changed my life: I was pregnant! I’ve always wanted to be a mom, so my husband [Klaus] and I were very happy upon hearing this. Now I’m almost in the 30th week of pregnancy and I’ve passed the T2 of my personal ‘world championship’. I’m very excited, so today I want to present my typical day as an ‘Iron Mom’.



I like to stay in a good routine, so I choose to wake up when my husband gets up, which is usually around 7 am each day. I enjoy getting a training session in before a big breakfast, although I can't train on an empty stomach as of late. I need to eat a protein bar, banana, or something before getting started or else I feel bad. I normally start my day with a 45-minute run or a 3-5k swim.



I still train often and I’ve been training around 20-30 hours/week and I'm now entering the third trimester. My speed is very slow, but I keep moving and that's what's most important. I did go on my annual training camp for 3 weeks in January to Club La Santa where I biked 4-5 hours, swam 5-6k and ran 21k during my longest sessions. I would say I'm pretty lucky and my intention is to keep training just as much as normal because this is what I love and my baby boy seems to be very happy (and also very active in there!).



When I get home, I like to eat a hearty size lunch since I’m now eating for two. I live close to my parent’s house, so sometimes I like to venture over there for a big lunch as well. I'm not following a specific diet, though I do allow myself a bit more "sweets" than normal (if possible!), but I always have my comeback in mind!



Since I'm training so often, I also need some "naps" during the day. If I don't take one, I will be in bed before 8 pm, but on a normal day I still go to bed around 9 pm. Training while being pregnant takes some energy out of me! I love what I do: I love to train, I love that I'm still able to train even when my baby is growing, and I don't know how I could stop smiling throughout this process. This is the beginning of something new and I'm sure this will bring me back to the sport as a changed person. It gives me a bigger perspective on life, but I’m just as motivated as before. 


In general, I'm trying to keep my day as "normal" as possible. I don't feel sick, so why not just do what I love. I train, I eat, I sleep. I do everything more slowly than normal and that's the biggest change. It can be difficult when trying to keep up with some of my normal training partners because it's simply not possible anymore. Another big challenge for me has been to expect that my body is changing from being a fit Ironwoman, always in control, to accepting the extra kilos and the total transformation. I know it's all parts of the journey and I'm enjoying everything!

Credits pics @Talbot Cox