29 Nov 2019


Linda Indergand is a Swiss racing cyclist, riding for Superior XC Team. She is a very complete athlete, placing regularly under the WC Top Ten during the 2019 racing season. But for her riding is above all friendship, a special journey with a special friend: her bike!

Dear Race Fully

I really enjoy to spend so many hours together. Riding endless trails and visit places I would never go without you. You are taking me on top of mountains, beautiful lakes and breathtaking places. I treat you very well by cleaning properly and you got a service whenever you want to and you give me back a lot of nice memories. Because of you, I met many friends for life and that's why I want to say thanks to you.

But not every memory with you is nice. We had some huge crashes were we both had injuries afterwards. But that's part of the game otherwise we would never know our limit. Luckily we stand up every time and after some days we are riding again.
Let's continue our great story and make many more mind-staying adventures