30 Oct 2018

Vision Tech Guide: removing and replacing your bottles.

The Trimax Rear Hydration System is able to handle a variety of bottle types and sizes well with a moulded holder that grips onto the bottles without making them impossible to get out. The slightly higher grip also means that bumps in the road offer little challenge to a bottle that is slightly slimmer by providing some extra height tolerance for the bounce experienced. Additionally they have two spaces to screw in CO2 canisters behind you meaning you can reduce the size of your spares kit that attaches underneath. It is easily affixed to the seat rails with just your regular multitool.

Here are our tips for learning the skill of removing and replacing your bottles.

1) Check that the bottles come in and out relatively easily before you start riding

2) Head to a location away from cars where you can stay on your aerobars and that allows you some tolerance if you swerve a little or drop a bottle.

3) Before you start, engage your core (it should be on already but a nice reminder), settle into your aero position and most importantly, as you are concentrating on a new skill, don’t forget the basics – you still need to pedal! Often people slow right down as they are attempting this new move and risk coming to an untimely stop.

4) Start by just reaching back and touching the top of the bottle to find your bearings

5) Do this with each arm one at a time of course!

6) Reach back and remove the waterbottle, bring it to the front and return your forearm to your arm rest. You may need to change the position of your wrist depending on how you reached back to remove it. You can rest the bottle on your armrest to change positions if you need to.

7) Drink a few sips

8) Place your bottle on your arm rest and turn your hand over so it is thumb down when you hold the bottle

9) As you reach back use your thumb as your guide to locate the entry to the holder and slide the bottle in

Be prepared that you might drop a few bottles at first so use your older ones to practice with. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll love the convenience of rear hydration!