2 Nov 2020

Be a part of Atherton Bikes

Three World Cup wins, six podiums and the #firstfifty production models rapturously received by customers across the globe, FSA partners Atherton Bikes have been on one hell of a journey these last 18 months and it’s about to get even more exciting.

The business was established in January 2019 based upon several lifetimes of riding, racing and bike design combined with industrial experience at the forefront of technology. Their innovative approach sees additive manufactured lugs (3D printing in titanium) bonded to carbon tubes enabling a customised fit for every rider. 



The new company started out lean; no marketing budget, no website sales and just enough production capacity to service prototyping and the Atherton race team. In February 2020 production expanded when the #firstfifty build-slots were made available. 

Gee Atherton said “We believe that Atherton Bikes will disrupt the mountain bike industry. Bringing manufacturing back to the UK and establishing our business with a serious focus on sustainability is a huge bonus. We are working with some amazingly clever scientists and engineers from backgrounds in aerospace, Formula1 and NASA and our fundraise is being led by (Ex BBC Dragons’ Den) Piers Linney so your investment will be in very good hands.”



Dan Atherton said “When we founded Atherton Bikes and started racing our own bikes it was a dream come true. Now we’re seeing all that knowledge and race experience incorporated into our production bikes and customers are sending us pictures of their bikes from trails in UK, Germany, USA, Japan and Singapore it’s actually surreal”

Rachel Atherton summed up “We have had so much encouragement and so many connections with people over our careers, we want to make sure that the people who have been with us throughout our journey have a chance to share in the excitement and rewards! From the Atherton Project when we let people into our lives through a new style of documenting the sport, to meeting people at races and hearing their stories, I’m always blown away by the support we receive. Now we have something tangible for people to get involved with, you can invest in Atherton Bikes from around £10 and be a part of the future!



<CLICK HERE> to secure the first chance to invest pre-register. 

  • Atherton Bikes frame
  • Rachel Atherton Fort William World Cup triumph
  • Atherton racing team in action