30 Jul 2018

The TOURist, Simon Clarke's diary. Ep. 13

It’s great to make it to Paris again. It’s the fourth time for me. Four out of four. Happy about that. Obviously we’re not coming to Paris in the way we hoped or dreamt at the start. There’s definitely mixed emotions in terms of how successful our Tour de France was, but you never take for granted getting to Paris. There are always many challenges and set-backs along the roads that lead to the Champs Elysees. Every time you do make it, it’s definitely worth appreciating.

In the end, it was a little bit of survival for us with Lawson being injured and then Taylor getting injured yesterday. I think we’re lucky to get to Paris with the seven guys we have left. It is nice to be able to ride around the Champs and reminisce on what we went through as a group to get that point, to get to Paris.