3 Oct 2018

Andrew Taylor 48 State Road Trip - Michigan

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been another place high on Andrew list of places to ride. When he first started the trip, Mike Lawless from FSA mentioned that he grew up in Marquette, MI and would be stoked to fly out and join him. After picking him up in Milwaukee, they made our way up to Copper Harbor where they met up with Caroline Jarolimek to ride the trails. They even had a chance to catch a live show of the upper peninsula’s most iconic band, Conga Se Menne. They then made their way into Marquette to finish it off with a ride down Hardtail Pride with Liam O'Connor. Huge thanks to Conga Se Menne for the music! You can check them out here


You can find additional info about the trails they rode here:

Copper Harbor

Harlow Lake, Marquette

Marquette South Trails