17 Apr 2019

Potts Take 2nd in Lima 70.3 with Fastest Bike Split

Vision sponsored athlete, Andy Potts, we able to acheive a well-deserved 2nd place at the Lima 70.3 race over the weekend.

"2016 Olympian Hernandez led the swim in 22:56 which gave him an 8 seconds lead on Potts, 17 seconds on Jose de la Torre, 23 seconds on Kevin Collington of the U.S. and Fellipe Santos of Brazil, 1:22 on Tim Rea of Australia and 1:56 on Marcus Herbst of Germany."

"By 56km of the bike leg, Potts established a 35 seconds lead on Hernandez, 1:01 on Herbst, 3:27 on Santos and 3:30 on Collington. After a men’s second-best 2:01:02 bike split, Potts entered T2 4 seconds behind Herbst, who made up for his 1:56 swim deficit and more with a race-best 1:59:17 bike split."

"After a 2:03:38 bike split, Hernandez started the run with a 1:33 deficit to Herbst and Collington hit transition 3:09 further back."

"While Herbst held a lead at T2, he was out of gas and was soon gobbled up by Potts and Hernandez and Collington. Potts held on halfway through the run but could only manage an 1:18:26 run split. Hernandez had plenty left to post a race-best 1:13:53 half marathon and break the tape in 3:43:40 with a 1:44 margin of victory on Potts and 3:19 on 3rd place finisher Collington, who closed with second-best 1:15:30 run split."

Article credit to Timothy Carlson of Slowtwitch.com. Be sure to read the enitre article on Slowtwitch.com, which also covers the women's race.

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