15 Jul 2019

The Tourist, Simon Clarke's diary, Ep.8

Today the break went reasonably early in the stage. It was a short downhill at the very start of the stage, and then there was a small climb and the breakaway went up the small climb, probably only 10km into the stage. Because the group went on the climb, it was a super, super strong group with a lot of quality riders, which was always going to make it tough in the final.

The cooperation was really good in the group. Everyone knew that we had to wait until later on the in the stage to start racing. Up until then everyone contributed equally. 
Once the attacks started, it was important to choose the right ones to follow and try to stay as close to the front of the race as possible.

Unfortunately I got caught out before the bottom of the last climb and got stuck behind the eight guys that got away. It ended my chances, which was really disappointing. I had the legs for a better result than the one I got.
Nine days down and Rigo is in a good position. We're hapy with that. Hopefully we have another uneventful day for Rigo tomorrow and then a rest day and then things start getting pretty serious fo the GC race. From then on it will be important that Rigo has the whole team behind hm.


  • Simon's breakaway (ph. Gruber)
  • Simon's breakaway (ph. Gruber)
  • Simon's breakaway (ph. Gruber)