23 Sep 2019



These were the first Simone Mitchell’s words after her fantastic win at 2019 Ironman Wales, achieving the Kona 2020 World Championship slot after her first pro race. Simone did the decisive overtaking during the bike section, supported by her Metron wheels, achieving the best performance: 5h25’21”. Simone has been the best in marathon section too, with the new IM Wales record: 9h41’52”.

Her approach with the Ironman has been particular, in some ways special, a continuing escalation until the greatest goal for any Pro triathlete: the Kona’s slot. 

«In 2012 I decided I wanted a challenge, I was relatively fit and working in London as a Personal trainer» she told us. «In a conversation with a friend one day I was told about Ironman, I went home and I started to Google. I wanted to know what this Ironman was all about. From that point on i knew that this was my challenge. I signed up straight away! I had not completed a triathlon before and i had no swim or bike experience whatsoever! It was certainly going to be a challenge!» 

2012, the debut.

«My first triathlon was Ironman Bolton in July 2012. I was jumping straight into the deep end with nothing but excitement and a lot of nerves! After winning my AG and qualifying for Kona.. i have never looked back!»

Simone placed 5th and again 2nd in 2014 at the World Championships. In 2016 she won the overall AG at the 70.3 European Championships and overall winner at the 70.3 World championships in 2017 in Chattanooga. 

From the injury to the Pros.

«In 2018 I decided to go back into long course and race Ironman Lanzarote, here I won the overall AG and placing 2nd female overall. The year was ended with Outlaw middle distance triathlon where I set a course record and taking the overall win. 

After 8 months out with injury post Outlaw, Simone decided that it was now or never, she wanted a new challenge and that would be to race Professionally starting in 2019. 

«I wanted a test myself against some of the fittest and fastest women in the world and I was ready. Getting the body back up to full fitness and strength took a little longer than expected but my desire and drive to do well kept me in high spirits and I was incredibly excited to see how well my training at altitude in Livigno would pay off. Being in Livigno for a 6 week block of training was paramount to my performance at Ironman Wales.»

Winning Ironman Wales and breaking the bike and course record in her first pro race is not only a huge achievement from all the hard work but a memory that will stay with her forever, the hard days and hours have well and truly been paid off! 

«I am very proud of myself in the way I approached the race and the way the body performed and I cannot wait to see what else I can do with more hard work and support from my fantastic team and sponsors. I have been very fortunate to have worked and continue to work with such great sponsors and have the opportunity to race with the best kit out there. So to you, Vision, as well as Windwave, I would not be to do what I do without your equipment, kit and ultimately your support. Your belief in me means the world.»

What’s next?  

«I have my Kona 2020 slot so all races and training will be planned around the Big Island! I am very excited to start winter training and get some miles in the legs! All races will be confirmed shortly but in the meantime i will eat cake, train and get strong!»