24 Feb 2020


Over the last month, we started a peculiar tournament on our Vision Instagram page about our Vision wheels. 16 Vision wheelsets were entered into a knockout tournament competition of which there can only be one winner!
Each day, our followers chose their favourite wheel and narrowed down the contestants from 16 to 8.
Here are the first-round results:

•    Metron 30 SL vs TriMax 30:
The Metron 30 SL immediately started strong and quickly dominated the opponent thanks to its agility and due to its advanced Vision carbon technology coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. It then kept its advantage over the long-distance. 
Final score: 72% vs 28 %
•    SC 55 vs TriMax 35:
Thanks to its lightness and reactivity on flat terrain, SC 55 took off from the start. Our TriMax 35 is an all-around used wheel, ideal for a smooth ride no matter if you are on the flats or in the hills, or anywhere in between, but it is not enough against the versatility of SC55. 
Final score: 70% vs 30 %
•    Metron 3 Spoke vs TriMax 25 KB
It has been a true hard challenge, but the Metron 3 Spoke constantly increased the gap thanks to its aerodynamics. Our TriMax 25 KB is a great workhorse wheel for all around use and didn’t give up thanks to its responsiveness. 
Final score: 62% vs 38%

•    Metron Disc vs TriMax 35 Disc
An incredible head-to-head between two completely wheels different: the aerodynamics of the Metron Disc, against the reliability of the aluminum climber TriMax 35 Disc. TriMax 35 Disc won at the photo finish.
Final score: 48% vs 52%
•    Metron 55 SL vs TriMax 30 KB
Metron 55 SL, the Vision’s Aero Stage Race wheelset, constantly increased the advantage thanks to its bottom on fast and flat terrains, going on to conquer the victory. 
Final score: 75% vs 25%

•    Metron 81 SL vs TriMax 30 Disc
A fantastic challenge between 2 wheels that are extremely different: the speed of the Metron 81 SL against the reliability and versatility of TriMax 30 Disc on all terrains. Metron 81 SL “brought home” the victory thanks to its proven and reliable attitude.
Final score: 55% vs 45%
•    SC 40 vs Team35 Disc
Thanks to its top-of-the-line rims with a 40 mm rim depth, the SC 40 offers a great balance of performance and light weight and won the first-round challenge.
Final score: 64% vs 36%

•    Metron 40 SL vs TriMax 35 KB
The Metron 40 SL pulled off an overwhelming victory. It is Vision’s climbing and CX focused wheelset and immediately took the lead thanks to its speed and responsiveness. For a proven and reliable performance wheelset, look no further than the Metron 40 SL.
Final score: 74% vs 26%
Now the quarter-finals are waiting for us... Who will be the best? It’s up to you!

  • TriMax 30 Disc
  • Metron 40 SL
  • Metron 55 SL Disc