25 Jan 2021


After four successful seasons using FSA and Vision components, Team Bahrain Victorious has chosen to continue their partnership into the 2021 season. Since 2017, FSA and Vision have been the partner of choice for the Bahrain cycling team, providing a range of the best cycling components. 



The team selected the Metron SL top-of-the-line wheels from Vision known for their super-light components. These wheels have been an integral part of the team's set up shaving considerable weight off the Merida bikes. The wheels selected for the 2021 season are the with Metron 40 SL Disc and Metron 55 SL Disc wheels for road races and Metron 81 SL and the handcrafted made in Italy Metron TFW Disc for time trial. The Metron TFW Disc is unique using an ultra-light paint that improves aerodynamics and keeps the overall weight down to only 945g.



The components selected by the team have been an integral part of our performances from the Tour of Saudi win to five top ten Grand Tour finishes. FSA and Vision work closely with our riders to provide continuous innovation and performance utilising their expertise and feedback to develop their new generation products, like the Metron 6D Integrated Handlebar, that debuted in pro races with the team, and the Metron TFA Aerobar for Time Trialing.


Sonny Colbrelli said "Since I joined this team back in 2017, FSA and Vision have worked very closely with us to make improvements on the components. They always take our feedback, and it's shown in the quality of new products they make every year."



Edoardo Girardi, General Manager of Full Speed Ahead and Vision Europe, commented "We are proud to be on board and supporting such a high-level pro team like Bahrain Victorious. We have always believed in the importance of sponsorships to growing up with sponsored teams, in addition to the technical quality that we want to provide for them. For this reason, in the 2021 racing, we will continue our partnership with the team, providing, handlebars, stems, seatposts and our Metron top-of-the-line wheels range."


  • Mikel Landa during an aero test (Ph. Bettini)
  • Team Bahrain Victorious chooses Metron handlebars. (Ph. Bettini)
  • Team Bahrain Victorious chooses FSA components. (Ph. Bettini)