6 May 2020


EF Pro Cycling Service Course coordinator Luke Grivell-Mellor has been featured in a special take-over on the Vision Instagram page, giving some exquisite tech insight to our followers.

Luke, who lives in Girona, Spain for most of the year, is now working at EF Pro Cycling Service Course headquarters during Covid-19 race interruptions and maintaining EF Cannondale’s bikes. Just like all of us, he is, of course, waiting to get back to the races soon.

Luke opened the doors to a special place where bikes are cared and pampered, before being entrusted to the riders. Bikes are still continuing to be shipped all around the world from Girona to EF riders, who are continuing to push their training sessions.

Some of our follower’s questions include dilemmas like rim vs disc brakes wheels, the setup of each pro rider’s bike and why, the increasing use of tubeless and EF’s current situation.

Included are also some interesting tips and tricks for bike and disc brake wheels maintenance and more!

Relive one of the more interesting and unique take-overs through the following link and stay strong:



  • EF Pro Cycling Service Course take over
  • EF Pro Cycling Service Course take over
  • EF Pro Cycling Service Course take over