10 Mar 2020


Our Vision Instagram Wheels Showdown has entered the final phase. From the quarter-finals to the final, there have been some exciting matchups between the most favourite wheels chosen by fans through our Instagram surveys. Low profile vs High profile. Alloy rim vs Carbon rim. “Climbers” vs “Sprinters”. Each kind of technology by Vision compared in a thrilling month of “wheel battles”. Which is the best one for you? Follow each round closely as more wheels become eliminated from the running.

    Metron 30 SL vs SC 55

The SC 55 immediately started strong thanks to the responsiveness of its top-of-the-range full carbon tubeless-ready rim. The SC 55 has run remarkably and has been reliable throughout the challenge, achieving an overwhelming victory.
Final score: 27% vs 73%
•    Metron 3 Spoke vs TriMax 35 Disc
A challenge full of back and forth between the Metron 3 Spoke and TriMax 35 Disc; the most excited of the whole tournament! The Metron 3 Spoke took the lead, but the TriMax 35 Disc soon overtook the 3 spoke thanks to the reliability of its 19 mm aluminium inner width rim and comfortable ride. Ultimately, the proven aerodynamics of Metron 3 Spoke, tested in the wind tunnel with Pro riders feedback, once again gained the advantage on the forehand and rushed for the win in a photo finish.
Final score: 54% vs 46%
•    Metron 55 SL vs Metron 81 SL
The Metron 55 SL took the lead from the start thanks to their responsiveness and also due to the top of the range P.R.A. hubs with Direct Pull spokes. They constantly increased their lead thanks to their smoothness on the flat terrain.
Final score: 68% vs 32%
•    Metron 40 SL vs SC 40
A challenge between two similar wheels: almost sisters since their 40mm height rim features the most advanced Vision carbon technology coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The difference was made by the top of the range hub of the Metron 40 equipped with P.R.A. with DP spokes, that achieved the win.
Final score: 70 % vs 30 % 

•    SC55 vs Metron 3 Spoke

Smoothness and lightness were the keywords to seal the overwhelming performance of the SC55s that flew into the final. SC 55 is an ultrafast and stable aero wheel developed through extensive CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing. 
Final score: 61 % vs 39%
•    Metron 55 SL vs Metron 40 SL
The Metron 40 SL, the tactical wheel essential to your quiver, started with an advantage due to its qualities of lightness and reactivity. The Metron 55 SL, in the long run, acquired the definitive advantage of earning a slot for the final.
Final score: 62 % vs 38%

•    SC 55 vs Metron 55 SL

The finalist’s presentation:
SC 55
The Vision SC is the newest range of light and versatile carbon racing wheels, available with a 55mm (and 40mm) rim depth, and in rim and disc brake formats. They have been developed using extensive wind tunnel testing and on the road with professional cyclists of our sponsored teams, offering a great balance of performance and lightweight at a competitive price. The full carbon rims are TL tubeless-ready, while the alloy freehubs are compatible with both Shimano 10-11 speed and SRAM 12 speed XDR systems. They are hand-built to artisanal standards, with direct-pull aero bladed spokes and ABS self-locking nipples for reliable performance and clean rim design.
The Metron 55 SL is Vision’s Aero Stage Race wheelset. Vision’s complete wheel system has a 25mm rim width, direct pull bladed spokes, 6 sealed cartridge bearings in P.R.A. hubs, ABS brass nipples, 2 to 1 lacing, CFD / wind tunnel proven aerodynamics, and 100+ pro-podiums since its release. All Metron SL rim brake wheels also feature a laser-etched micro-dot brake surface texture that dramatically improves braking performance for safe, sure and predictable stopping power in all weather conditions. For a proven and reliable performance wheelset, look no further than the Vision Metron SL.
The chronicle of the final:
It was an overwhelming victory for the Metron 55 SL, due to their know-how and their several wins over the last years on the cobbles of the spring classics, as well as the torturous mountain stages in the Pro peloton. As for the “younger” sister, the SC 55 retained the awareness of a big result between the fans just a few months from their release. We are sure they still make people talk about them!
Final score: 22 % vs 78%

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