18 Dec 2019

Christmas Tips: Vision SC55 Disc Brake

On the lookout for some new carbon wheels, but don’t have huge amounts of cash to spend? Do you want to ensure you’re getting good quality?  Well, the new Vision SC 55 Disc Brake is worth your consideration!
It is a new light and versatile wheelset with a 55mm high carbon rim, developed in a wind tunnel and tested on the road by the riders of our WorldTour Pro sponsored teams.
Vision has also paid great attention to the needs of the athlete, offering a 19mm inner edge that allows for a comfortable ride. The hub has a simple and reliable construction, with 6 sealed bearings (2 front and 4 rear) and freewheel aluminium body.

•    Lightness: this wheel is the result of the know-how and technology of Vision in carbon processing, combined with cutting-edge production processes. 
•    Aerodynamics: this is an ultra-fast and stable aerodynamic wheel, developed through extensive CFD analysis and wind tunnel tests.
•    Comfort: the direct-pull rays eliminate the weak point in a curve that instead has a traditional radius, making the wheel structure more rigid.