21 Oct 2019


We are happy to announce the launch of our first interactive Instagram series dedicated to triathlon. Over the next few weeks, pro triathlete Adriano Enghelardt from Team KeForma Switzerland, will be featured in this Tri Live series. This is the first interactive series on Instagram where Vision followers will choose how the story goes by submitting survey answers.

The 26 years old Swiss triathlete, Adriano Enghelardt, recently received a racing license allowing him to race on the Ironman Pro circuit after his efforts at IM 70.3 Gdynia (running the same time as Jan Frodeno in the running section). This was a great result for Adriano and we have decided to celebrate through our Instagram!

Each week, you (our followers) will choose the subject of the episode, from his morning breakfast to his specific training sessions, discovering and influencing the daily life of a pro triathlete.

Stay tuned and prepare to dive into this new interactive story with us!