9 Dec 2020


Looking for a bicycle handlebar upgrade this Christmas?
The Metron Aero handlebar is part of our Aero lineup; a new range of super ergonomic and aerodynamic road handlebars that perfectly match the latest Aero frames.
Metron Aero is a full carbon compact handlebar with innovative features in the design. 


It features a flat ergonomic surface with a 10 degree forward bend in order to keep a more natural arm position. It has five-millimetre offsets in order to follow the direction of the levers, a flat surface on the drops for more comfort and is full compatibility with ACR and standard internal cable routing systems.
Also in our Aero lineup is the Trimax Carbon Aero Bar, with exactly the same features but a different construction.
It has carbon and glass fibre for reaching a lower price point, with a few more grams in weight. Completing the range is the Trimax Aero alloy version to match a lower price point.



  • Metron Aero handlebars
  • Wouter Poels (TBM) in action
  • Metron Aero handlebars