21 Sep 2020

In the middle of the journey #8

There is a strong relationship between the cyclist and the masseur. Communication with them is normal for the cyclist, the moment when they get away from all the thoughts of the day and the masseur is at your complete disposal. If you feel like talking, joking, the masseur is at your disposal; if you need silence, he plays quiet music in the room and you can relax; if you want to talk about personal, private topics, the masseur will listen to you.


I personally have a masseuse I've worked with for a long time, Sophie. Our relationship goes beyond just a simple massage. It represents an hour dedicated to you, in which each athlete uses it as he wants. The masseur also plays the role of the psychologist where he or she must understand what the rider needs at that moment, after a very tough stage. There is absolutely a very strong relationship, greater than with any other staff member.

  • Alberto Bettiol, ready for the massage (Ph. Gruber)
  • EF Pro Cycling at Paris finishline (Ph. Gruber)
  • Rigoberto Uran (Ph. Gruber)