8 May 2018


The time is here! Full Speed Ahead has released the new Flowtron dropper seatpost, engineered for the next-generation of mountain bikers.

The biggest improvement from the FSA first-generation seatposts is this new one-piece head and shaft. This design means it can drop lower than their original design, enabling the rider to adjust how firm or light they want the lever actuation to feel.

Inside, FSA has added a third round brass key, which "tightens up the side play and increases the wear life." FSA has also dropped 100 grams off the post by moving to an aluminium lightweight alloy sealed cartridge with a 6mm shaft in place of the steel cartridge with an 8mm shaft.

The internal cable routing has the cable head simply popping into place on the bottom of the post.

Flowtron is available in 125mm and 150mm travel, and 30.9 and 31.6mm versions. The lighter version (125mm/30.9mm) weighs 595 grams. Other specs include a 0º setback, 285mm and 310mm insertion depths, and 421mm and 446mm lengths.

Finally a particular treat about the name, Flowtron is a crazy fun trail at Tokul East outside Seattle, near FSA USA headquarters, where this dropper seatpost was developed.

The new FSA Flowtron dropper seatpost is available on: www.fullspeedahead.com.