21 Jul 2020

Vision Aerobar vs Road bar for Ironman 70.3

Choosing the right aerobar is an important decision when preparing for an Ironman 70.3. The 70.3 distance represents the middle ground between the long distance (Ironman) and short distance (Olympic and Sprint) events and your component choices can be a compromise between the two disciplines. In these races you will find both athletes who compete with their Tri/TT frames for specific training or optimized aerodynamic performance to athletes who want to try the longer distances with road bikes.

Andy Potts

So, does a specific aerobar exist for Ironman 70.3 or it is unrealistic? 
Vision presents two different solutions for Ironman 70.3: the TriMax Carbon SI 013 JS-Bend aerobar and the Metron 4D Flat MAS. The TriMax bar is ideally suited for triathlon frames while the Metron bar is a versatile drop bar with a direct-mount clip-on system better suited for road frames.
Starting with the Vision TriMax Carbon SI 013 JS-Bend - developed using Computational Fluid Dynamic software it has an aerodynamic carbon structure with the typical features of Ironman and TT aerobars, such as the flip-flop carbon base bar and ergonomic extensions. The ability to extensively adjust reach, stack, width, extension angle and arm rest position are the foundations of the design and all are easy to adjust. The full carbon ergonomic extensions have the possibility of being lengthened or shortened to fit rider needs which rounds out the incredible versatility of the setup. So, Olympic-distance triathletes who want to try Ironman 70.3 could fit this aerobar on their longest road frames and, with the wide range of adjustability, could still reach a compact and aero position during the race. 


Trimax Carbon SI 013

Riding an Ironman with an aerobar is not only more efficient, but the position is optimized for aerodynamics and prepares you for the run portion of the triathlon. For riders who are used to riding with drop bars and clip-on systems however, it is not always easy to make the transition to a full aero position. The Metron 4D Flat Modular Aero System (MAS) is the solution! The lower hand position and innovative MAS with its direct-mount clip-on system, offers versatility for every rider. So, Olympic-distance athletes could use the MAS for the Ironman and choose a clip-on for the short distances without changing their frames. It can also act as a double edged sword for long-distance triathletes, who can choose to mount the extensions for races and training on flat terrain, or remove the extensions for training on mixed terrain and mountains.
A dedicated Ironman aerobar will help your performance, but there are options you can choose and still do well without one. For long-course racing, you need to make sure your aero position is comfortable, powerful, sustainable, and allows you to run a half marathon when the ride is completed. No matter what your choice is, Vision has the perfect solution for you!


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