15 Jan 2020

Just between us: Thomas Litscher

Thomas Litscher is a Swiss cross-country mountain biker, riding for the FSA sponsored team KMC-Orbea. Here below the letter he wrote to his Oiz Orbea bike:

My dear Oiz,
We both got to the point last year when I met you. After the first day at home we flew straight to Gran Canaria for a training camp: rough trails, rocks everywhere, never-ending descents… the circumstances did not really give us time to get to know each other quietly...
It’s been brutal sometimes, but so much speed and fun every time! That is the story of how we met.
We came closer when temperatures got warmer and had a great time together when spring and summer arrived. We celebrated some good results and enjoyed memorable training in the beautiful nature of Switzerland. Maybe this has been long for you to endure? Especially because you’ve been my one and only bike all this time. Well, being the darling comes at a price…
Anyway, I was the one who tired first, and we both took a well-deserved break in October.
I recharged the batteries and since the beginning of November, we are back to business, training for the races of 2020!