10 Dec 2019


Annie Last is an English professional cyclist, riding for FSA sponsored team KMC-Ekoi-Orbea. She was chosen as a female competitor in the cross country mountain bike event for the Great Britain team at the 2012 Summer Olympics, going on to take 8th place. Annie was introduced to mountain biking by her father and brother, as she accompanied them on racing trips. From that moment, the bike became an important part of her life, writing the following letter to it.

Dear Bike,

A few words of apology and appreciation...
I cannot imagine it’s much fun being sat upon for hours on end, and it’s always the most hours just after off-season when I’m carrying some extra cake! Then, once those endurance rides tail off and I’m finally out of the saddle, you're mercilessly thrown through rock gardens and also expected to fly up hills. Believe me when I say that I totally understand that whole struggle between strength and weight! 
It’s a tough life, but you handle it all without a word of complaint. Well, sometimes a squeak but what’s that between friends? 

And what friends we are! I’ve never spent so much time with anyone else, and for the most part that time is wonderful. Of course there have been a few tense moments (I’m sorry for the times I’ve shouted) but the places we’ve been and things we’ve conquered are far greater. 

I know I work you hard but I really do appreciate your resilience and your brilliance.
I’ll power you, and you carry me, and together we’ll keep moving forward.

Thanks for everything!

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