9 Feb 2021


The new Full Speed Ahead eMTB Carbon wheels are designed to withstand the rigours of aggressive e-bike riders. Anyone who is out at a trailhead on the weekend knows that the popularity of eMTBs is through the roof and the need for e-specific parts to handle the extra weight has never been greater. FSA has been hard at work creating a line of eMTB wheelsets in both alloy and carbon.

FSA set out to create a rugged carbon wheel option that could handle the added demands of trail and enduro eMTBs on the market today. The FSA eMTB Carbon i29 wheelset is trail-ready and has been developed to support a 150kg system weight.
The Carbon i29’s have an asymmetric rim profile allowing for balanced spoke tension, which provides longer-lasting stiffness and easy spoke truing. FSA gives the rim a modern profile with a depth of 30mm, an inner width of 29mm and outer width of 35mm. This rim profile is designed to offer a stiff ride and stable tire profile without being too harsh or wide. FSA offers the eMTB Carbon and Alloy rim/wheelset in both 27.5 and 29-inch sizes.

FSA spec’d the eMTB Carbon i29 wheels with alloy P.R.A hubs and are laced to the rim using direct pull spokes. The front hub is compatible with 15×110 thru-axles, while the rear hub is compatible with 12×148 thru axles. The 6-pawl steel freehub can be configured to run the driver of your choice, whether that be traditional Shimano 9-11speed, SRAM 9-10 speed, Shimano MicroSpline 12 speed or SRAM XD. The hubs are fitted with tried and true cartridge bearings and use the common ISO 6-bolt rotor mounts. Full Speed Ahead has taken the extra mile with the eMTB Carbon i29s as each wheel is entirely hand-built.

  • e-MTB wheels rim (Credits @Sean Leicht)
  • e-MTB wheels hub (Credits @Sean Leicht)
  • New e-MTB wheels (Credits @Sean Leicht)