16 Mar 2021


We are proud to welcome (back) in Vision family the UK professional triathlete Simone Mitchell. 

Our partnership with Simone started back in 2018 and she has had all her successes using Vision wheels and components. 

"I trust in the products wholeheartedly and having broken course records on Vision wheels I know how quick they are!  In 2020 I joined Team PPR and although I didn’t race I had to use another wheelset.  This year I continue to race with PPR but I have rejoined with FSA to use their Vision wheels and bars which I am so excited about.  The wheels give me so much confidence and the versatility of the new TFA bars is the best. So happy to be back racing in 2021 with the support of FSA.  Their new tubeless disc wheel is incredible and I have their new TFE Pro bars which is very exciting!"



Turning professional in 2019, in her first race as a pro won Ironman Wales she broke both the bike and course record. 

But Simone is also active in supporting the movement of female triathlon.

"I have done many talks such as for Velo Vixen at the Uk Bike Show talking about my success and again encouraging woman to get on their bikes.  I try to use my social media platforms to connect with other woman and get some amazing messages for support.  It is truly humbling to inspire young woman and one thing I love about our sport and the position I am in. Sadly this year has been quiet with lockdowns etc so connecting with people has been impossible due to the pandemic so lets hope for a more interactive 2021!"



Simone is also coaching a group of woman athletes and she is sure that woman in cycling and triathlon is going from strength to strength.

"I love how far woman’s cycling has come!  From increased media attention to just seeing more and more woman out training on their bikes on my local training routes.  I do all I can to encourage woman to take up cycling recreationally and racing, but just getting out on the bike is so important especially given the difficult times the world has been in with the pandemic. Getting fresh air and keeping fit is so important for mental health and keeping fit and healthy."

2021 is just about getting racing again. The main goal will be the same of the last year, the dream of each triathlete.

"I will race as much as possible restrictions permitting although Kona is my main focus for 2021!"


  • Simone Mitchell in action with new Team PPR jersey
  • The IM Wales 2019 win!
  • Supporting female triathlon movement.